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#117 : Le week-end des parents

Les parents d'élèves de première année visitent le campus le temps d'un week-end. Alors que Rusty essaye de cacher sa nouvelle vie et ses nouveaux amis à ses parents qui n'aprouveraient pas, Casey au contraire espère qu'ils découvriront la vérité sur les Kappa Tau.



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47 Hours & 11 Minutes

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Le week-end des parents

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Sneak peek


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Rusty et Casey parlent de leurs parents

Rusty et Casey parlent de leurs parents

Cappie et Rebecca

Cappie et Rebecca

Rebecca prépare Cappie à la rencontre avec son père

Rebecca prépare Cappie à la rencontre avec son père

Rusty et Casey

Rusty et Casey



Rebecca présente Cappie à son père, le sénateur Logan (Thomas Calabro)

Rebecca présente Cappie à son père, le sénateur Logan (Thomas Calabro)

Cappie, Rebecca et le sénateur Logan

Cappie, Rebecca et le sénateur Logan

Beaver se présente au sénateur Logan devant Cappie et Rebecca

Beaver se présente au sénateur Logan devant Cappie et Rebecca

Deux Kappa Tau (Dave Franco et Danny Weaver) se présente au sénateur Logan

Deux Kappa Tau (Dave Franco et Danny Weaver) se présente au sénateur Logan

Le sénateur Logan (Thomas Calabro)

Le sénateur Logan (Thomas Calabro)

Plus de détails

Scénariste : Lisa Albert

Réalisateur : Fred Gerber


Acteur secondaire présent :

Tiffany Dupont (Frannie)

Guest stars :

Thomas Calabro (Sénateur Logan)

Tom McGowan (Fred Kettlewell)

Connie Ray (Norma Kettlewell)

Jerry Lambert (Russell Cartwright)

Ann Cusack (Karen Cartwright)

Selon Cappie, CRU est sur le point de subir l'invasion d'une vaste et puissante armée... de parents! Et oui, c'est le weekend des parents des premières années, et les Kappa organisent un barbecue pour les hordes de parents. Comme d'habitude, les bizuts doivent faire le travail. Mais est-ce que les bizuts vont s'embêter à organiser un truc sympa pour leur vieux? Rusty espère bien, parce qu'il n'a pas exactement été honnête à propos du genre de fraternité qu'il a rejoins. Les Cartwright pensent que leur petit garçon parfait est dans une fraternité de service.

Casey n'est pas très enthousiaste à propos de ce weekend non plus. Les parents Cartwright sont plus qu'un peu greekophobe, et ils n'ont pas arrêter de critiquer l'engagement de Casey chez les ZBZ. Du coup elle doit gérer les critiques de sa mère, tout en préparant la maison ZBZ à recevoir le sénateur, père de Rebecca.

Par quelque miracle, Rusty réussit à ce que sa frat nettoie tout avant l'arrivée de ses parents pour le barbecue, et les Cartwright s'en vont pensant toujours que leur fils est dans une fraternité de service. Mais Casey, qui a en plus qu'assez de ce weekend plein de « pourquoi n'es-tu pas plus comme ton frère? » venant de sa mère, se venge en ramenant les parents chez les KT pour l'after party, qui n'est clairement pas la fête d'une fraternité de service : ils ont l'occasion de voir leur fils servir des boissons en robe.

Et pendant que ce problème avec les parents déchire le clan Cartwright, Rebecca et Cappie ont quelques problèmes de leur coté. Il semble que Rebecca n'est pas prête à montrer son petit ami à son père VIP, et cela inquiète Cappie. Mais au moment où il décide de la laisser tranquille, elle décide qu'elle veut le montrer, et de le faire passer comme un parfait loser, pour énerver son père. Cela n'amuse pas du tout Cappie.

Mais d'une façon ou d'une autre, le jour suivant, tout le monde réussi à arranger les choses. Casey va défendre Rusty et convainc leur parents de laisser Rusty rester dans sa fraternité. Rebecca et Cappie se réconcilie quand Rebecca s'excuse de l'avoir utiliser. Il s'avère que son père a une liaison - encore - et ça a réveillé ses envies de vengeance. Du coup, tout le monde réussi à survivre assez longtemps pour se débarrasser des parents! Ouf!

KT HOUSE – Living room


Cappie : Gentlemen! We are at the threshold of an invasion by a vast and powerful army, an international force that strikes fear and awe into the hearts of the bravest among us.

Rusty : It's an Omega Chi retaliation.

Cappie : Freshmen parents' weekend. Now, as tradition dictates, every house on Greek row hosts some sort of event for your folks to enjoy.

Wade : And to let them see the money they drop on dues every semester is being well-spent.

Cappie : As usual, we at Kappa Tau host our annual barbecue. And as usual, preparation of said events falls on your... at times questionable shoulders. Am I hearing whining?

Wade : I think you are, Cap.

Cappie : Freshmen parents' weekend. Freshmen do the work. And even if it wasn't, need I remind you... pledges. Now, the very nature of this event is entirely up to you. You gonna clean up, you gonna put a little extra effort in, make it all spiffy for mom and pa? Or are you gonna show yourselves off in your natural habitat and fly that Kappa Tau flag freely?

Rusty : We're flying our flag?

Gonzo : Come on, Spitter. This ain't high school anymore. We do what we want when we want.

Ben Bennet : Who cares what our parents think? As pledge class president, I say no cleaning. And we'll heat up some hot dogs... maybe.

Rusty : Cap, both my parents are professors. I don't think they're exactly gonna appreciate the Kappa Tau flag.

Cappie : Rus, your pledge brothers have chosen. Besides, what are your parents going to expect, really? You told them about us.


CRU - Airport


Casey : What do you mean, mom and dad don't know about Kappa Tau? I know you talked about it over break. Would you just...

Rusty : Sorry. We did. I just haven't told them any real specifics.

Casey : So what do they know?

Rusty : They think it's a service fraternity.

Casey : A service fraternity?

Rusty : The Kappa Tau service.

Casey : The beer industry.

Rusty : I've never lied to mom and dad before. How can I tell them the truth? You know how they feel about the Greek system, especially mom. It's a dangerous distraction...

Casey : From academics and your future. I've heard. If you need a living, breathing example of someone who manages to survive without parental approval... Look no further.

Rusty : Maybe you can help me explain it to them. Come on, they've accepted your involvement at ZBZ.

Casey : First, "accepted" isn't the word I'd use, and secondly, this whole weekend is about you, little man. I'll be entertaining a senator and his wife, which means press coverage. Which means nationals will be all over it. Which means I don't have time to manage Karen and Russell.

Rusty : Wow.

Casey : Just tell them the truth. Dad'll give you his stern, yet understanding frown. Mom will just put her hand on her chest and look disappointed and judgmental. You can take it.

Rusty : Yeah, you're right. I'm a big boy. I can do this. I'm gonna tell 'em the truth. I'm gonna tell 'em the Kappa Taus are a regular fraternity. They don't give a crap about academics, and they like to party.

Airport : Flight 510 from Chicago has arrived at Gate number 3.

Casey : Look, in 47 hours and 11 minutes, we'll be back here sending them home to Chicago.

Rusty : Oh my God, I can't tell them the truth. It's gonna kill them.

Casey : Hey Mom.

Rusty : Hi Mom.

Karen : There's my little big man!

Rusty : I missed you.

Karen : I missed you too. You look great. Hey honey. How are you? You look lovely. That's wonderful.

Casey : I know.

Karen : I'm so excited to spend some time with you guys.




ZBZ HOUSE – Dinig room


Casey : Where are the spoons? And we need extra forks, please. Could you put this back in the fridge? It'll be sour by the time everyone gets here this afternoon.

Frannie : Is there anything I can do to help? What's Senator Logan's ETA? Did you speak with him directly?

Casey : His aide confirmed this morning. They know when the tea is starting.

Frannie : If you ever need anyone to delegate, you can just delegate out to... Sorry. Overstepping. Aren't you excited, though? We're hosting a US Senator and his wife. A man who every day makes decisions that effect great change for this nation. I have a million questions.

Casey : My only question for them is at what age did they have Rebecca's horns and demon tail removed?

Frannie : Right. So I'm surprised the Omega Chis haven't tried to get in on the senator action.

Casey : Ashleigh heard they're taking parents to Canyon Lake for a weekend retreat.

Frannie : So... you haven't been in touch with Evan since the mixer.

Casey : Not really. Why?

Frannie : No reason. I'll go make sure that the cream is safe and chilled.

Ashleigh : She making you crazy?

Casey : She's not.

Rebecca : Just a reminder. My mother likes chamomile tea with a twist of lemon, and my father hates biscotti.

Casey : This is the first I'm hearing about the biscotti.

Ashleigh : Breathe. This is manageable. We'll just separate the biscotti out like the loser crouton cookie-wannabes they are. And everything's gonna be fine.

Casey : Thank you.

Ashleigh : So what about your parents? Are they gonna come by? They missed our freshmen parents' weekend 'cause you got sick. Remember ?

Casey : And then I miraculously got well when they decided not to come.

Ashleigh : Yeah, that was crazy. And I am so stupid.

Casey : No, you're not. You're not stupid. You just have great, nonjudgmental parents that you never lie to. You can't imagine other people lying to theirs.

Ashleigh : But you're awesome.

Casey : But I'm not Rusty. They get him. They don't get me. They don't get the whole greek thing.

Ashleigh : But they're okay with the KTs?

Casey : That is Rusty's problem. Me? I'm on tap for a few meals this weekend, and that's it. Which is exactly how I want it. Does anyone like biscotti?


CRU – Dale & Rusty’s room


Rusty : A student photography exhibit? Love that. And Professor Bernstein is doing a Tai Chi demonstration.

Dale : When are you taking 'em over to your house of ill repute?

Rusty : I don't think they'll find that as interesting as... the parents' fireside chat at Lockhart Pavilion.

Dale : That's good. You're embarrassed. Means your conscience is kicking in.

Rusty : I'm not embarrassed, Dale. It's just not part of my life they'd understand.

Dale : When I told my parents about your descent into the Greek sect, my mother cried, my father said "GD" for the first time in his life.

Rusty : Why'd you tell them?

Dale : 'Cause they're my best friends.


Somebody knocks on the door.


All : Kettlewells!

Fred : Come here!

Norma : You look wonderful, sugar toes.

Dale : You always say that, mom.

Fred : And she always means it. Now, how are you, son?

Dale : I'm wonderful.

Fred : This is Norma. I'm Fred. You must be Rusty.

Rusty : Yes, Sir and nice to meet you.

Norma : We've heard a lot about you.

Rusty : What's that?

Dale : An air mattress. You know, 'cause of my dad's sciatica, he can't just sleep on the floor.

Rusty : They're sleeping here?

Dale : Yeah. They're only here for two days. We want to spend as much time together as possible.

Rusty : Great... I just didn't realize they were bunking with us.

Norma : We're very tolerant people, Rusty.

Fred : I see you're getting a lot of mileage out of your granddad's flag.

Dale : He'd be proud.


CRU - Street


Cappie : What's it like being a senator's daughter?

Rebecca : What's it like being a hippie's son?

Cappie : My parents are too young to be ones. They're free spirits. And hemp connoisseurs. And there's nothing special about being their son.

Rebecca : Neither is being a senator's daughter.

Cappie : Except for the money, the power, the prestige, the press.

Rebecca : The restriction, the phonies, the scrutiny.

Cappie : You make it sound a lot more fun than I do.

Rebecca : Can we please not talk about my family?

Cappie : Look, I just want some pre-introduction stats. Like is your father a cigar guy or an "all smoking is bad" guy? Or is he into golf or team sports? What about your mom? Is she...

Rebecca : You're not gonna meet them, okay? I just don't wanna do the whole meet the parents thing.

Cappie : Oh. Ok. I was just thinking we could have a nice meal with some amuse-bouche, something poached, maybe chutneyed.

Rebecca : I'm sorry. This is new, and it's nice. And I don't wanna jam it under the parent microscope yet. Is that all right?

Cappie : Yeah. Yeah, fine. Sure. Your call.


CRU - Restaurant


Rusty : So you ready to work off this massive brunch? Here.

Russel : What's this? What an extensive selection of events.

Karen : Honey, look! It's an astronomical introduction to the night sky. I'd love to hear their take on Pluto. Stupid dwarf planet.

Rusty : And then after lunch, we have this fun... geological walking tour of the campus. And then there's an open house at the engineering department. We have an historical walking tour of the campus, a special lecture on cyberspace and metapolitics, dinner... Then bed.

Karen : Casey, will you be joing us today?

Casey : You know, I would love to. Cyber-politics and meta-space are always hard to pass up. But I am slammed this weekend. And I figured freshmen parents' weekend. You being the parents, Rusty being the freshman... I'll see you all at dinner tonight.

Russel : Sorority's keeping you busy, huh?

Casey : Actually, we're hosting a US senator today... Senator Ken Logan. A man who every day makes decisions that effect great change in our nation.

Karen : Well, a sorority is a good place for Senator Logan. I mean, after all of his votes against funding higher education... He'd be an idiot to go anywhere near anything remotely academic on a college campus.

Casey : ZBZ has the highest cumulative grade point average of all the sororities on campus.

Karen : Well, that's great, honey. What about your fraternity, Rusty? Serious, like-minded boys without any sort of animal housedistractions. I mean, you must be pushing a 4.0.

Rusty : I'm not sure if anyone's added it up.

Casey : Or could.

Karen : What was that, honey?

Casey : Coffee. It's good.

Russel : I don't see anything about your little fraternity on here. Are we gonna be able to check that out later?

Rusty : Unfortunately, it's closed this weekend. Because most of the guys are out of town. In Mexico. Building huts.

Russel : Is that right?

Rusty : It's for humanity. Like habitat for humanity. But huts, so... Hubitat. They're great people.

Casey : You guys should probably get going. Don't wanna miss any of that tour.

Karen : You're right. Miss you.

Casey : Bye Rusty, bye mom, bye dad.


CRU – Street


Girl : Now, this sedimentary dolomite rock happens to be known as big singer. Not because it actually sings. But because back when this was a sugar beet farm, the pickers used to have their lunch... Next to this rock and sing whimsical folk songs... About how they enjoyed working together.

Beaver : Spitter, Spitter.... Spitter ???

Girl : She'll be comin'around the mountain...

Beaver : Are these the crazy Cartwrights?

Russel : I don't know about crazy...

Karen : I'm Karen. This is Russell.

Beaver : Hi. I'm the...

Rusty : Charles.

Beaver : Huh? My... my name isn't...

Rusty : These are my parents.

Beaver : You got a good kid here. He's a little uptight, but we're working on that, right?

Rusty : Yeah.

Beaver : I'll see you at the house.

Karen : The house?

Beaver : Kappa Tau. For parents' weekend. You're... you're coming, right?

Rusty : Right.

Russel : What about Mexico?

Beaver : Gee, that'd be kind of far away, but real fun. Don't forget the cups.

Karen : Nice to meet you, Charles.

Girl : Are there any questions?

Russel : What happened to building huts?

Rusty : They must have gotten done early.

Girl : If you'll follow me, please.

Rusty : Tour's leaving. You don't wanna miss the titan botanical gardens. It's a highlight.

Karen : Why did he call you Spitter?

Rusty : That's my nickname. Yeah. I spit on injustice everywhere. Figuratively.


ZBZ HOUSE – Dinig room


Casey : And, Ash, make sure there are ZBZs near him at all times to maximize photo ops. While Senator, Mrs. Logan and the press are here, they are priority numero uno.

Ashleigh : Got it.

Casey : I hope your folks will be favorably impressed.

Rebecca : They'll be touched by your concern for their happiness and... Wait... I still see biscotti.

Casey : Mom, Dad... Rusty ? What are you doing here?

Russel : Change of plans. Rusty's fraternity's throwing a last-minute dinner tonight.

Rusty : The KT barbecue. I realized I need a little time to help my brothers at the service fraternity get the place ready before mom and dad come over.

Karen : And we thought since we hadn't gone to your parents' weekend your freshman year, that, why not give it a shot now? Why not? Unless it's some trouble, and then we can always go back to the hotel.

Russel : Or pitch in and help Rusty's fraternity. Would they mind that?

Casey : No... trouble at all. It's great. Come on in and have some tea.

Rusty : I'll see you at dinner tonight. Love you.


CRU - Street


Dale : This is the route I take every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 a.m. To solid state chemistry with Dr. Juergens. Which reminds me... I actually have a paper I kinda need to go finish.

Fred : But we want to trace every moment of how you spend your day.

Norma : And photograph it! Let's go! I got a new pair of scholl's.

Dale : Let's go.


KT HOUSE - Hallway


Rusty : Ok. Look. I know nobody cares what their parents think. Unfortunately, I do. I just wanna clean up a little. I'll do it myself. No one has to help.

Cappie : Oh. Spitter. Are you showing shame for the KT ways?

Rusty : I know. I'm sorry. But I am trying to live up to the Cartwright ways. My parents are not ready to see the new Rusty.

Cappie : Your parents aren't ready?

Rusty : I'm not ready to show him to them. They like me the way I was.

Cappie : It's not like you had a sex change operation, Spitter. But... your adam's apple is a bit less pronounced.

Rusty : Come on, Cap.

Cappie : Ease up. You're not alone. Happens every year. Friday night, you're all a bunch of tough guys, and Saturday morning, you turn into Amelia Bedelias. Go on, grab your apron. Get to work.


ZBZ HOUSE – Dining room


Casey : And if you guys want some coffee, we have regular and decaf.

Russel : I doubt the boys' little soiree will be quite this impressive.

Karen : I'm sure most of the money goes towards philanthropy rather than entertaining.

Casey : Case, do you gals have any biscotti? Check the chairs. Stay here. I'll be right back.

Senator Logan : Rebecca !

Rebecca : Daddy ! 

Senator Logan : Look at you. You look wonderful.

Rebecca : Thank you! Where's mom?

Senator Logan : Mom wasn't feeling very well. But I get you to myself all weekend.

Rebecca : What's wrong?

Senator Logan : Nothing to worry about. She's just a little tired.

Casey : Senator Logan. I'm Casey Cartwright. President of the ZBZs.

Senator Logan : Nice to meet you, madame president. This is some house.

Casey : Please make yourself at home.

Rebecca : Daddy ? What happened?

Senator Logan : Sweetheart, there's nothing to discuss. I'm here, and we're gonna have a great weekend together. Now, we have reservations for dinner tonight. And tomorrow, I expect you'll be my date at the dean's reception, okay? Wow. Will you look at this spread? Ken Logan.

Karen : Senator.

Senator Logan : Which one of these impressive young ladies is yours?

Casey : I'm hers. She's mine.

Karen : My daughter and I were talking earlier about your higher education funding.

Casey : Would you... excuse us? I need to... Come.

Russel : Nice to meet you.

Karen : Casey, I wasn't gonna attack the man. I was gonna ask him a question which, as an elected official, he should be able to field.

Casey : But... here? Write the guy a letter.

Karen : Fine. Fine. Well, let's talk about you.

Ashleigh : Hi. I'm Ashleigh. I'm Casey's roommate. I can't tell you how much morale has improved since Casey's become president. She basically saved us from losing our charter, which would have been... Whatever. But because of her hard work, we are still in good standing.

Karen : That's terrific, Ashleigh.

Ashleigh : Yeah, it really is. Because now we can focus all our energy on the reasons we joined ZBZ in the first place. Like parties and mixers and... Sister bonding. And... rituals, traditions.

Casey : Wow, you guys are out of tea. Ash, would you get them some more?

Ashleigh : Philanthropy.

Casey : My grades are good. Everything's fine. And I am still very much considering law school.

Karen : To be a lawyer?

Casey : I'm not... sure... At this exact moment.

Karen : Well, before you go down a road, you need to know where you're headed.

Casey : Well, I'm thinking about politics.

Karen : Casey, honey, come on.  This is your junior year. You need to start making some tough decisions.

Casey : Now? At a sorority tea?

Karen : Look at Rusty. He's focused. He's getting his BS in polymer sci. He's going to graduate, go to graduate school. He's gonna go to JPL...

Casey : As you've made clear, I am not him.

Russel : We don't expect you to be Rusty.

Casey : What I want is to be at the center of things, to be challenged and inspired. I'm just not sure what form that's going to take.

Karen : If you took a little less time with your social life and saving the sorority, you could be specific.

Russel : We worry about you.

Casey : Don't. Why don't you just try having a little faith in me instead of constantly telling me everything I'm interested in or good at is a waste of time.

Ashleigh : More tea?


CRU - Doblers


Casey : Whiskey and diet.

Cappie : Tough day on the road crew, Mack?

Casey : My parents are here.

Cappie : Jeez, between you and your brother, I'm expecting the parental Cartwrights to be some kind of oozing green monsters with, I don't know... Your smile, maybe Rusty's hair.

Casey : Worse. They look perfectly normal. And if you met them, you, like everyone else, would love them.

Cappie : In two hours, I'll get to test that theory.

Casey : Right! Right, my parents are going to Kappa Tau. This'll be fun.

Cappie : And... this pleases you? Because you think they'll disapprove of us.

Casey : Oh yeah. But I'm not proud of wanting that.

Cappie : You know, it's so inspiring to see such a caring sibling relationship. Be warned. KTs actually might surprise you.

Casey : It'll take more than bleach, furniture polish to fool Karen Cartwright. So, speaking of parents, what do you think of senator Logan?

Cappie : From what I've seen on tv, he's a handsome man who uses a little too much hair product. But he's avoided the comb-over, so he gets my vote.

Casey : You haven't met him yet.

Cappie : Not going to. Apparently, I'm not senate ready, which, by the way, I totally am.

Casey : You really like her.

Cappie : Yeah.

Casey : I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was parent serious.

Cappie : Well, it's... It's not. Not exactly.

Casey : Fine. It's not. You should cut her some slack, though, when it comes to her dad.

Cappie : Wait... a... minute. Are you sticking up for Rebecca Logan?

Casey : You see? Parents show up, and everything goes nuts.

Cappie : Cheers to that.


CRU – Dale & Rusty’s room


Norma : Honey ? Tater tot. Honestly. Sweetie, it's rude to have these on when someone's trying to talk to you.

Dale : Well, I had them on, so I didn't know you were trying to talk to me. What did you want?

Norma : Well, I was wondering if you'd be... Up for another round of uno. Or hearts, maybe. You gotta give me a chance to win back some of my toothpicks!

Fred : I'm smelling a card game-athon!

Dale : You know, I actually just realized I think I have to step out for a minute.

Norma : We'll go with you.

Dale : I'll just be a second.

Fred : Come on, Daley. Just let me slip my shoes on. My feet are swelling. Your feet starting to swell, son?

Dale : No. No, they're not.

Norma : Look at the time! It's 4:30! It's dinnertime! Is it? No wonder my stomach's been growling like a tiger. 'course, you wouldn't know, 'cause you had your headphones on.

Dale : I sure did.


CRU - Hotel


Senator Logan : Becca, I was just coming down to the lobby to see you.

Rebecca : Surprise.

Senator Logan : I'm starving. You ready to eat? Yeah, Heather made us reservations for 6:30 at Red Door.

Rebecca : No offense to Heather, but I think I'd rather go somewhere else.


CRU - Street


Karen : I wasn't sure if you were coming.

Casey : We said we were having dinner together.

Karen : Yes, we did, but, you know, after what happened earlier...

Russel : Which was in the past. Now we're traveling to the future. A night of family fun.

Karen : You're right. I'm sorry. Let's just look forward to having a lovely evening with all of us together.

Casey : I know I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to see what you two think of Kappa Tau.


KT HOUSE - Hallway


Rusty : Hi.

Karen : Hi.

Casey : Nice banner. Thanks. Doesn't it look good?

Cappie : Mr. And Mrs. Cartwright. I'm Cappie, president of Kappa Tau Gamma.

Karen : Kudos to you and all the work that you kids do.

Cappie : Thank you so much. Well, we are very committed to what we do here.

Russel : You could use a fresh coat of paint out front.

Cappie : Well, sir, our paint money goes to much more urgent causes. Let me show you around. Please.


KT HOUSE - Garden


Russel : Go, go get some food.

Rusty : I'll see you in a second. Hey.

Casey : I can't believe you got these guys to put on this ridiculous show.

Rusty : Well, I learned from the best. You've been pulling this off most of your life. Now it's my turn.

Casey : Yep. You're perfect.

Rusty : Thanks again for helping out this afternoon. I mean it.

Casey : Anytime, Russ.

Rusty : Listen, there's a... another party. There's arealparty when all the parents leave if you wanna come back. Thanks again.

Casey : Anytime.

Rebecca : Dad, I'd like you to meet Cappie, my boyfriend.

Cappie : Senator Logan. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Senator Logan : Nice to meet you.

Cappie : Had I known you were coming, I would have worn socks.

Rebecca : No need for that. I want him to meet you just as you are.

Cappie : This is my friend...

Beaver : Charles. A pleasure, sir.

Senator Logan : Nice to meet you.

Beaver : Excuse me.

Cappie : So, are you enjoying your stay, Sir?

Senator Logan : Very much. Beautiful campus. Beautiful weather.

Cappie : Yeah, the wea... You ever notice that it's about 20 degrees warmer here than anywhere else in the state? We never have to wear coats. Who said there's no upside to global warming?

Senator Logan : Who said there's such a thing as global warming? So, you from around here?

Cappie : No, sir. No, northern California.

Rebecca : But his family moved around a lot.

Senator Logan : In the military.

Rebecca : Deadheads. Followed the band everywhere.

Senator Logan : Well, I'd love to meet them.

Cappie : They're not here. This is freshman parents' weekend. I'm a junior.

Senator Logan : So, Cappie, what is your area of study?

Rebecca : Cappie's declared a lot of majors.

Cappie : I have a voracious intellectual appetite.

Rebecca : And he's not very ambitious.

Cappie : Would you excuse us, sir? Why are you trying to make me look like Kevin Federline?

Rebecca : Hey, Kevin Federline's an upstanding citizen.

Cappie : You know what I mean. I'm trying to get your father to like me, and you're making me look like a... You don't want him.

Rebecca : I don't care who he likes.

Cappie : Yes, you do. And you're trying to use me to piss him off.

Rebecca : Come on. You can take it.

Cappie : Tell your father it was nice to meet him.

Rebecca : Where are you going?

Cappie : If you wanna piss off daddy, fine. Just leave me out of it.

Rebecca : Cappie, come on!


KT HOUSE – Living room


Karen : Well, this was so fun. My first frat party.

Rusty : Yes. I'm so glad you guys came.

Russel : You sure we can't coax you out for some dessert?

Rusty : I can't. I can't, all right? Pledges have to clean up.

Ben Bennett : We just hate waking up to a mess.

Rusty : Recycling.

Karen : Well, of course! Well, I guess it's just us then.

Casey : I guess so.

Karen : Bye, honey.

Rusty : Bye.

Karen : It was wonderful.

Russel : So proud of you.

Rusty : Bye, dad. Bye, Casey.

Casey : Rusty.

Rusty : See ya. Yes.


CRU – Street – Casey’s car


Russel : Did you know that Ben Bennett is a kidney donor?

Casey : I hadn't heard that.

Russel : I didn't hear it from ben himself. One of the brothers told me about it, and I think it's great.

Karen : It is so amazing. What an impressive collection of young men. I mean, wholesome and helpful, and, you know, committed to social welfare.

Russel : It would be Rusty who goes off to college to find a group like this.

Karen : Hey, you know, the Kappa Tau could come and give a kind of... A how-to philanthropy seminar to your sorority. Whoa... sweetheart! Where are you going?

Casey : I forgot something at Kappa Tau.


KT HOUSE – Living room


Karen : Wow, where did everybody go?

Russel : Case, what'd you forget?

Casey : I left it in the basement.

Russel : Since when were you in the basement? What's going on here?

Karen : Who are these people?

Casey : Katrina victims.

Russel : Where's Rusty?

Casey : I don't know. Hey, Rusty?

Rusty : Mom, dad... I don't drink.


ZBZ HOUSE – Ashleigh & Casey’s room


Casey : He totally deserved it, right? I mean, putting on the whole mr. Little perfect act at everyone else's expense.

Ashleigh : I just can't believe anyone would buy the kts as a service fraternity. How did they explain the vomit smell?

Casey : If it was associated with my brother, my parents probably thought it smelled like Roses.

Ashleigh : You're like scary mad.

Rusty : Yeah, I am. Why would you ambush me like that?

Casey : You're 18 years old, Rusty. It's time for you to stand up to mom and dad and fight.

Rusty : For what? My right to party? You knew they weren't gonna understand.

Casey : You wanted to join a fraternity. Why not just say it?

Rusty : Because I'm not like you. I care what mom and dad think of me.

Casey : News flash... so do I. And I am so tired of them thinking you're perfect and I'm ridiculous.

Rusty : Yeah, well, you try being Casey Cartwright's dorky little brother. Your sister's so pretty. Your sister's so cool. Your sister has friends. You were like perfect.

Casey : To everyone except mom and dad.

Rusty : They're making me quit Kappa Tau.

Casey : What?

Rusty : Personally, I'd rather they thought I was ridiculous.


CRU – Living room


Ashleigh : Cheesoritos. That's a cry for help. What's wrong?

Rebecca : I think it's over with Cappie.

Ashleigh : Sorry. So did you cheat? Lie? Well, you haven't been together long enough for the slow, relentless dimming of passion.

Rebecca : I humiliated him.

Ashleigh : Why?

Rebecca : 'cause I'm an idiot.

Ashleigh : You've been much nicer since you've been dating him. Can you fix it?

Rebecca : I don't know how.

Ashleigh : It's not brain surgery. Just give him the same thing that we'd want. Thoughtful gifts. Or extravagant ones. Guilty party's choice. Then total acceptance of responsibility, even if it's not your fault. Although, in this case, it sounds like it is. And then follow up with a full groveling apology.


CRU – Dale & rusty’s room - Frontdoor


Rusty : What are you waiting for?

Dale : Just... just back off, okay?

Rusty : What's wrong with you?

Dale : They're driving me nuts.

Rusty : Your parents?

Dale : Yeah. They won't leave me alone. I finally put on The passion of the Christ and said I was going to the bathroom.  That was like an hour ago.

Rusty : So you need time to yourself. There's nothing wrong with that.

Dale : Yeah, but that's never happened. I used to never want to get away from my parents. I cherished every moment we had together.

Rusty : So now you're finding that that old cherished relationship, it's... a little restrictive.

Dale : College has corrupted me. I'm not the boy they sent away.

Rusty : That's right. You don't have to be. That's why we came here, right? To find out who we are. To become our own men. And they have no right to make us feel ashamed of that.

Dale : Wait. Be quiet. The flaying stopped? No. Never mind. I don't know, Rusty.

Rusty : Okay, look. It's time we stop being scared of losing their approval. What, we're not doing anything wrong. Growing up is not a punishable offense.

Dale : Yeah. Yeah, you're right.


Someone opens the door.


Norma : There are you, monkey-buns. Where'd you go? We were starting to get worried about you.

Dale : Well, mom, actually, I... I just didn't want to interrupt during the resurrection.


KT HOUSE – Cappie’s room


Rebecca : Brought you breakfast. Your favorite. Greasy egg sandwich and 44 ounces of sugar and caffeine.

Cappie : Dad with a pretty girl. Zeta Beta without the scandal.

Rebecca : Yeah. Win-win for all concerned.

Cappie : There's no mention of the senator's daughter's poor taste in boyfriends, though.

Rebecca : I know I said I'm not that girl anymore, but sometimes he just gets to me. I can't help myself from trying to piss him off.

Cappie : That's your apology?

Rebecca : It's my excuse. I'm getting to the apology. My father is having an affair. Again. This time it's with that stupid bubble-headed aide. I saw her coming out of his hotel room in a robe.

Cappie : Okay, well... If there was an acceptable excuse, which there isn't, that would, you know, be up there.

Rebecca : I'm so sorry I used you last night. That's the last thing I would ever want you to feel. I don't wanna push you away... Because... I think that I... You know... Maybe... Very possibly... Care about you.

Cappie : Maybe ? Very possibly ? You are smothering me.

Rebecca : Hey, it's huge for me.

Cappie : Excuse and apology accepted.


CRU - café


Russel : We're doing what we think is best for him.

Casey : But it's not. Look, there's more to college than just school. I know you guys think that fraternities and sororities are some kind of gateway drug to a pointless life. But they're not. Look, Rusty's great. He's not going to end up like planless, unfocused Casey. Don't worry. He's not gonna be like me.

Rusty : I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be like.

Casey : Rusty, I'm trying to help you.

Rusty : I'm trying to help them understand that being like you is something to aspire to. If I were like you, I'd have amazing people skills. I'd be able to solve problems creatively. If I got to be president of my fraternity, I'd basically be learning how to be a CEO of a small corporation. Yeah, all in all, I'd be pretty incredible. And I would expect my parents to be proud of me. And I would stand up for what I want no matter what. Which means for right now, I will be remaing in Kappa Tau while maintaing the high academic standards that happen to be just as important to me as they are to you. And if I have to find a way to pay for it myself, I will. And I wanna see a menu. I wanna see it now.


ZBZ HOUSE - Hallway


Senator Logan : The dean is expecting us.

Rebecca : I'm sorry. I know how you hate to keep people waiting. I'm particularly sorry because I'm not going with you. I'm afraid I have other plans. Maybe Heather can go.

Senator Logan : Young lady. Young lady! This is an important function. I expect you.

Cappie : Senator.

Rebecca : Bye, daddy. Have fun.


CRU - Airport


Karen : We've decided to let Rusty stay in the fraternity. Your father's telling him now. You know, halfway through your brother's soliloquy at breakfast, it became very apparent that your stubbornness and independence had rubbed off on him.

Casey : Which aren't my worst characteristics.

Karen : They're two of your best. And you got 'em from me.

Casey : Have you seen my mother? I mean, you have the same "mom" hair, but.

Karen : And a tendency toward sarcasm? Not either of our best characteristics. Casey, we're very different people. And I don't know if I'll ever understand your approach to life.

Casey : But that doesn't mean...

Karen : Let me finish. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have value. And that it's not gonna lead to some magnificent and purposeful place.

Casey : Thank you.

Karen : Now you know, I can't promise that I'm still not gonna nag about GREs and ISATs.

Casey : That's all right. I guess... I could use a slightly more defined plan of action.

Karen : Slightly more defined. Casey...

Casey : Mom, mom! You're about to ruin a really nice moment here.

Airport : Flight 217 non-stop to Chicago is now boarding.

Russel : Okey dokey. Our flight is boarding.

Karen : All right. Off we go.

Rusty : Bye, mom.

Karen : Love you, honey.

Rusty : Love you too. Thanks for coming.

Karen : Thank you. All right.

Russel : All right.

Karen : Come on, Russell.

Casey : Bye, dad.

Russel : Good-bye, sweetheart.

Casey : See you soon.

Rusty : You and mom looked pretty chummy.

Casey : Well, after your throw-down this morning, I kinda sorta became their new favorite. Sorry. And I'm really, really sorry for the ambushing.

Rusty : No, I'm actually relieved they know. But... I could have done without them seeing me in drag.

Casey : Yeah. I guess this was a pretty good trip.

Rusty : Yeah. I'm kinda sorry to see 'em go.

Airport : Attention passengers on flight 217 non-stop to Chicago: your flight has been delayed two hours.



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